The List! (Of Allergies)

I suffer from the typical Atopic Trio – Eczema/Asthma/Hayfever.

Here’s a mishmash of the things that trigger my various allergys (mostly eczema)…

– Artificial Colours
– Artificial Flavourings
– Artificial Preservatives
– Gluten/Wheat (Waiting on Coeliac Screen Results) (This is the one that gives me all the IBS type problems if I eat it)
– Soya
– Dog Dander
– Pollen
– Dustmites
– Perfumed Things
– A change in the weather seems to worsen my eczema (I’m still to research this – I’ll keep you informed)
– Not allergic per se but was warned to avoid in connection with Gluten/Wheat Allergy – Nuts,

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