Read **this** bit first!

First things first… Greetings :o)

My name is Andrew (Friends call me Carpy, unless your around my mum – then it’s Andrew lol) – as of 2009 I am 24 and find myself having to re-educate myself about my allergies after the second serious outbreak of eczema hospitalised me for 3 days and kept me off work for 3 weeks 😦

I created this blog out of a desire to reach out and help other allergy “sufferers” in the way I wish I had seeked support earlier!

Even if it’s just to talk about it or simply see that there are other people out there who share the same or similar conditions… You’d be surprised at how much better i’ve started to feel by doing just that – you are not alone!

In this blog you can expect to find interesting articles I’ve seen that caught my attention enough to bother linking them 🙂

You can most definetly expect rants, sarcasm and the odd scattering of cliches 🙂

But most of all you should expect to see my thoughts and feelings on all things allergies as well as my own advice on how I’ve coped with things in an attempt to help you cope too – afterall, a problem shared is a problem halved (in a weight off your shoulders, world isn’t actually against me kind of way)!

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