Eczema and Confidence

Eczema affects confidence. Fact.

In fact I’ll go as far to say the amount of eczema I have is directly proportional to the lack of confidence I have.

It dictates how well I sleep, how well I feel, what mood I’m in and what I wear. On the back of this I have been known to comfort eat when feeling down. In fact I comfort ate my way to 20 stone over a 14 year period.

If my eczema gets me down then I don’t do much. Or anything. Including live my life. It is this cycle that needs to be broken as I know it doesn’t have to be this way.

The question is how do I start? I’ll be the first to admit I use my moisturising cream daily but only break out the steroid creams etc when it gets really bad. And when I do I stop using them as soon as it clears up. What I should be doing is using them for a few days after it’s gone too as its my understanding now (GP Advice) that the eczema has gone from the surface but still lurks below so still needs the treatment! I was brought up thinking that too much was bad, it seems not enough is bad too!

The other big one is scratching! As you may have seen in an earlier blog I have many inventive ways to scratch. All of which mean my eczemas going nowhere fast 🙂

The first step though is acknowledging the problem and asking for help. For example my friends now tell me off if they see me even go to scratch… And this has started to work! You’d be surprised how often you attempt to scratch even without realising. It’s not even itchy it’s just a habit. And they can be broken with will power and friends 🙂

I’m feeling positive about this whole non scratching thing so I’ll keep you posted!

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