I’ve been itching to share this!!

Expect many, many, more bad eczema related puns πŸ™‚

Recently I came to have an epiphany of sorts… in a nutshell my eczema was so bad I was in hospital for 3 days for treatment and recovery. That was my second visit in 4 months and a rather big wake up call as it was the worst flare up I’ve had since childhood!

That said. I started looking into various sources (actually started on Twitter!) for info on eczema and came across a book (which I’ll blog on separately at a later date) called “The Eczema Solution” and in it the author, who also has eczema, mentioned scratching… And in particular the methods and ITEMS we use for said scratching.

Items? Like the stuff I secretly use to scratch with?

No… You don’t talk about stuff like that!!

Now. This! For me, has always been a bit of a no go area. Something you don’t bring up. Something I was, genuinely ashamed of doing never mind talking about!

I don’t know why I was ashamed but I’m betting it has something to do with not talking to other eczema sufferers about the condition. This being the whole point of my starting this blog, so i can share with you my thoughts /feelings /secrets and fears πŸ™‚

But most importantly raising awareness!

Now to the heart of the blog. Itching, is well, itchy! And as such demands to be scratched! Over the years I have developed many ways of relieving the itch… All of which do more harm than good, and all of which i can remember I’ve listed below!

My Methods of “Relieving” Eczema…
– Fingernails
– Toenails
– Scratching against clothing (rivets/studs on jeans was a favourite)
– Back Scratcher
– My Dad scratching my back with his nails
– Scratch using a blunt knife
– Pen Knife
– Scratch using a fork (that’s one of my more recent ones and I’m 24)
– Rubbing my eczema against a carpet floor (favourite as a child – ESP on the wire type carpets)
– Chinese burn of sorts to myself (rub skin until it’s raw)
– Run a red hot bath to relieve itchiness
– Stand under a hot shower and turn the temperature up to silly levels
– Sneakily burn my eczema against the side of a hot cup of tea
– Corner of a door frame or wall
– Scratched scalp with the comb
– Sat against a radiator wiggling from side to side in attempt to burn skin
– Scrape skin with a rough towel whilst getting dried
– holding skin against anything cold or freezing in an attempt to cool down (metal from chairs in work or bags of frozen food)

Twittered the question – who used what to scratch… No answer!

Now I’m either not very popular (Cant see it being that of course!) or the people who read that question had the same taboo like reaction as I once had!

Today’s thought is that if you too have done any of the above or have your own preferred itch relief favorites (please feel free to email and or comment what they are) then you may want to seek extra help because all of those things that I have done or do involve scratching the surface of your skin off or scolding it!! Scolding it!!! Boiling hot temperatures + my skin = i was/ arguably still am, completely mad!!

Both are NOT GOOD, and through experience both just end up drying your skin out and you regret doing it later (even though the relief short term is oh so goooood!).

So yes. Less burny scratchy stuff. And more creamy relief type stuff (Emollient!)

I’ve attached a picture as proof that scratching doesn’t help!

That is all πŸ™‚

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One Response to “I’ve been itching to share this!!”

  1. Ruth Holroyd Says:

    Hi Andrew. I was emailed the other day by Nottingham Eczema and subsequently referred to this blog post. The reason being they’d seen a poem I wrote about this very thing. The things I used to use (and still do) to scratch. I’m cutting down on my addiction now and my favourite at the moment is the comb. I’m combing out tangles really. When my husband says in horror, “don’t do that! it sounds horrible” it’s hard to explain that I actually can’t stop now i’ve started, and that having scabs and dried clotted blood in my hair is painful, yes, but for a bit, a very small but, it hurts so much the itch isn’t there. Gross. yes, and I haven’t ever spoken to anyone else about what I use to scratch. I’ve been quite inventive in my time. The wedding ring comes in hand sometimes. You can read my poem here: http://whatallergy.com/2011-02/allergypoem and yes I’ve got the Eczema Solution book too. I never quite finished it but it did help a bit I think.

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